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Zigbee Testing Software


Zigbee Testing Software is designed for manufacturing testing and design vaildation of Zigbee devices .We designed and developed the "Automated Manufacturing Test Solution" for ZigBee based Smart Meters (AMR) or ZigBee "Smart Energy profile" ( SEP ) and Home automation products. The "ZigBee Manufacturing Test Automation" offerings make the production systems more efficient, flexible, and reliable using the latest technologies. The automation provides optimize test times and achieve higher throughput. The test procedures covered are for ISM band 2.4 GHz OQPSK based PHY and also it supports sub-Giga zigbee modules which has BPSK modulation.

The modular framework developed by MIMOWAVES provides for complete integration and automation.

IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee Automated Compliance Test Solution includes the integration with commercially available RF instruments, test firmware for the DUT and the tool covers complete RF tests (both transmitter and receiver testing ) required for manufacturing the zigbee devices on the production floor.

  • High throughput since the Zigbee API/DLL are optimized for its speed.
  • Modular framework enables easy integration with any RF Test Instrument.
  • Single software package provides Automated Manufacturing test,Design and Validation.
  • Operator friendly user interface which enables test execution with single click .
  • Experts in writing firmware for any RF Chip which makes us to control the Zigbe device and it will be tightly coupled with application.

ZigBee / Z-Wave Product's features Testing for Home Automation and Smart Meters/AMR

• Program device

• Program energy monitoring chip

• Calibrate

• Check voltage limits - 98-300Vac

• Check Zigbee /Z-Wave communication (TX power, RX sensitivity)

• Check 0-10V Output

• Check DALI I/O

• Check Relay

• Check PIR operation

• Calibrate Lux Sensor

• Calibrate Temperature Sensor

• Consolidated report

• Production Operator friendly front-end written in C++ and C#

We Designed and developed an automated test jig for production testing of Zigbee devices and Z-Wave devices

The configuration include setting of instrument and test parameters like frequency, power,
bandwidth etc. as shown below –
Run-time window
Zigbee Test Solution Zigbee Testing Software


Test limits
zigbee production test zigbee testing tool,z-wave test software
The solution is optimized for speed that results in increase in throughput and eventually cost effectiveness. Another significant advantage this solution offers is that the same solution can be used for both design validation and production. The easy to use interface makes it attractive for the operators who just have to click one button in order to execute the tests.
For more information on the test solution automation, customization and consultation please send in your queries to info@mimowaves.com.
You may request for test procedures document online through our website "http://www.mimowaves.com".