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ZigBee Solution

ZigBee devices are used in embedded applications requiring low data rates and low power consumption. MIMOWAVES focus is to build a network that requires low power so as to increase battery life and that can be used for various application areas. These include industrial and home automation, consumer electronics, smart energy, location based systems, sensor networks etc.

Typical applications are as follows-

• Automatic meter reading that provide real time information such as usage of electricity and amount to be paid etc.
•Alarm systems at home to detect thefts alert the owner via messages over mobile phones.
•Reading the temperature levels of relays or other devices to detect critical conditions.
•Singe remote control system for all the home appliances and security system.
•Health monitoring systems.
• Asset tracking and identification of objects (location based).
In zigbee three types of devices are available – coordinator, router and end-device. Based on the application, the zigbee architecture can be selected. Typical zigbee topologies are star, mesh and tree. In any type of network topology there should be a single coordinator. If the network needs to be extended routers can be placed so that more end-devices could connect to the network. The various topologies are illustrated below –
                                       Star                                                                            Cluster
End-Device     Router     Coordinator

MIMOWAVES Technologies approach to the customer is that we don't just provide the Wireless device Manufacturing Test Solution and we also design our software products customized for clients' requirements. This approach is always beneficial to the client because in the end it will be a custom made solution that will comply with customers needs. We also work through systems integrators and OEMs to provide complete solutions tailored to the marketplace and customer requirements.